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The Twelve New Days of Christmas Giftset with CD

A delightful twist on a popular song about the classic Christmas story.

The Twelve New Days of Christmas infuses the familiar old carol with the timeless story of the very first Christmas. In a light whimsical tone it captures all of the important characters. (There are even a few surprise appearances!).

This giftset includes a CD produced by Don Marsh with full orchestra, sound effects, and narration. Dove-award winning producer Don Marsh has done it again! The Profound Praise Kids, accompanied by full instrumentation and sleigh bells, will warm your heart. While the sound effects will put a smile on your face. Be sure to listen for Baby Jesus. After the song, the author Bonnie Fite narrates all the devotionals for the children.

What kids are saying:

  • "When it comes out, I'll be the first one at the store! I loved it." 11 year old girl
  • "I don't normally like these book but this one I like!" 11 year old boy

Hundreds of children 9-11 years old were surveyed, 86% wanted the book.

What moms are saying:

  • "I'm going to buy a copy for everyone on my Christmas list!" Kirk Gillespie
  • "My children will treasure this book for years!" Lizbeth Nastari

Unique features:

  • Sing a brand new song with the CD!
  • Both an Advent devotional and a song
  • Interactive format with questions
  • Where's Jesus? Hunt for hidden baby Jesus
  • Old Testament characters linked to the Christmas story
  • Appeals to a broad age group (2-12)
  • Sophisticated layout with illustrations that tell a story
  • Explore the Christmas story through the eyes of 12 different characters

The only book of its kind!

This unique book is both a song and a devotional for children. The insights and discussion questions in the devotional help the child appreciate the first Christmas. As children and parents read a devotional each night, they will see the Christmas story through the eyes of twelve different characters.

This book is multi-leveled. The small child can sing the song and enjoy the pictures. The middle child can sing, enjoy the pictures, hunt for Jesus, and read the devotional either by himself or with a parent. Older kids said they would read it on their own. This is an opportunity for you to snuggle up with your favorite children and discover something new.