Bonnie Johnson Fite

BA Elementary ED, BA Secondary Language Arts & MA Special ED

Bonnie began teaching her first class of students at San Francisco Christian School. She has taught in Silicon Valley and East Palo Alto, the “murder capitol of America.” Then she began training thousands of principals and teachers about God, our Heavenly Father. He is the perfect role model of balanced discipline. She then wrote, Effective Discipline: A Delicate Balance. It is filled with practical examples of biblical principles. Over the years, she has taught many other topics and written more books.

Bonnie’s Seminars include

  • Preventing Discipline Problems from Erupting
  • Bully Proofing
  • Cultivating Godly Character into Students
  • Helping ADD & ADHD Children Succeed
  • Maximizing the Trainable Years
  • A Tapestry of Teachers
  • Freedom is in Our DNA

 “Bonnie Fite is a godly lady who thinks and writes Biblically. Her excellent work on, Effective Discipline: A Delicate Balance, reflects her commitment to principles of discipline and training based on God’s Word. In baseball terms, ‘she covers all the bases,’ and has offered to her readers a full range of discipline situations and remedies that are practical for teachers and parents.” Paul A. Kienel, Founder & President Emeritus Association of Christian Schools International

“As we scan the headlines that scream of youth turned bad, we shake our heads and wonder what went wrong. Committing to a child is all but gone out of style today, and America’s children are suffering for it. Bonnie Fite deserves five stars as her reward for reminding us that child discipline is crucial to society! This book is an excellent resource.” Beverly La Haye. Founder & President Emeritus of  Concerned Women for America

 Bonnie’s Books

Help in the Classroom:

Enrichment for Elementary Students:

Enrichment for Teens to Adults:

Devotionals for Teachers: