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  • Cultivating Character


    A vital resource to equip parents (and educators) to nurture godly character in their children (students.) Using the analogy of healthy plants in a thriving garden, parents will be inspired to create a healthy home environment. We will start by enriching the soil.

    After preparing for growth, 10 seeds of character, like honesty and kindness will be revealed.
    This book is a valuable resource to parents, teachers, grandparents, and anyone who wants to instill godly character into children today.

    This book is intended for individuals or those meeting in a group.

    “Much like the detailed steps used by a master gardener, Cultivating Character offers parents powerful insights into God’s teachings to raise thriving children.”
    Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington

    “Bonnie Fite offers biblical counsel and sage insight to raise healthy, grace-filled mature Christian children. Using the wonderful picture of the garden, she shows the need to ‘encourage tiny shoots of character’ while cultivating ‘Miracle Gro for self-control’ and everything in between. It’s a joy for me to heartily recommend this book. It will produce a harvest of grace and truth for parents of all ages.”
    Rob Schwarzwalder, Senior Lecturer at Regent University

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  • Family Gift Set


    3 children gift books for Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving), includes Christmas music. Also include Love and Boundaries, a practical book on child discipline, aiming for the right balance between love and correction.

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  • Transitioning to Parenthood + Preventing Problems on DVD


    Transitioning to Parenthood 25 min.
    is for all preparing for the arrival of a new baby. Many changes come with a new baby. Whether this a first or fifth child, parents will receive much practical help.

    This presentation will examine: You as a parent
    Your precious prize (the baby)
    Your past
    Your partnership
    It will enable all to confidently step into their new role of parent.
    This is especially helpful to all facing an unplanned pregnancy.

    This dynamic teaching shows the importance of preparing for the role a mom or dad will have with their child. Bonnie does a tremendous job connecting how vital it is to work on one’s character in preparation for successful, transformational parenthood. Watch this. You will be challenged and changed if you choose to implement these principles in your everyday life starting right now.

    Vernicia T. Eure, MA, CT, Client Services Manager at Metro Women’s Care

    Preventing Problems 32 min.

    Draws on many years’ experience as a classroom teacher. I will equip parents with timeless biblical principles. When we use God our heavenly Father as a role model, we can prevent many problems.
    This presentation will give parents a pound of practical prevention, and empower them to succeed with their child.

    This solid biblically-based teaching ties together God’s methods of discipline. It empowers moms and dads to learn healthy ways of raising children. You will be enlightened in your mind, extended in your faith and increased in your knowledge as you understand how best to develop a loving relationship with your child and set healthy boundaries for effective parenting.

    Vernicia T. Eure, MA, CT, Client Services Manager at Metro Women’s Care

    When you purchase the DVD, you get both presentations with discussion questions just $39.99

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  • Love & Boundaries Effective Discipline: A Delicate Balance

    Love & Boundaries


    (Formerly titled Effective Discipline: A Delicate Balance)

    A valuable guide to help parents and teachers establish a more peaceful, balanced, and loving environment. This book will save parents and teachers precious time, effort, and heartache. Topics include preventing discipline problems, maximizing the trainable years, helping the ADHD child succeed, and minimizing sibling rivalry.

    “It’s a great book filled with wisdom and tenderness. Bonnie has so much practical wisdom and excellent advice.” Janet Parshall

    “Bonnie Fite is a godly lady who thinks and writes Biblically. Her excellent work on Effective Discipline reflects her commitment to principles of discipline and training based on God’s Word. In baseball terms, ’she covers all the bases,” and has offered her readers a full range of discipline situations and remedies that are practical for teachers and parents.”
    Paul A Kienel, Founder and President Emeritus Association of Christian Schools Int’l

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  • Parent and Educator Books Love & Boundaries Parent Workbook

    Love & Boundaries Parent Workbook


    Companion guide for Love & Boundaries. Workbook helps parent apply Biblical principles to solve specific problems at home. Elements include Bible study questions, methods for analyzing discipline problems in your home, and steps to correct them.

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