Bonnie inspires and empowers her listeners by giving them tools to apply profound biblical principles in a practical way. Listeners learn the how-to of victorious living. Her presentation makes a life changing impact.

Based on her experience teaching children in inner-city San Francisco, she began training teachers about children in 1988. Now she’s taught seminars to thousands of parents, teachers, principals and professors from coast to coast. She’s been featured on many radio talk shows including nationally syndicated shows like Janet Parshall’s “America,” Focus on the Family’s “Renewing the Heart,” USA Family Radio’s “Point of View,” and American Family Radio’s “Today’s Issues.”
She is the author of Effective Discipline: a Delicate Balance, Love & Boundaries (a Parent’s Workbook), The Twelve New Days of Christmas (Profound Promises) a children’s musical by the same title and Easter is Coming! (Profound Promises.) She has also written several Bible studies for adults.
She is married to John. They are parents of four young adults.
Her children received a blended education, consisting of Christian schools and homeschooling. This prepared them to attend college. As a result, Bonnie had the honor of teaching every grade level, modified curriculum to the classical model and taught several High school subjects including Bible, Shakespeare, and Economics. She also served as Dean of Faculty at a K-12 classical Christian school

Bonnie Johnson Fite is an experienced speaker and seminar leader who inspires parents and teachers to train and nurture the children in their care. Her topics include:
  • Minimizing Sibling Rivalry
  • Cultivating Godly Character
  • Preventing Discipline Problems from Erupting
  • Helping the ADD and ADHD Child Succeed
  • Developing Intimacy with God
  • Peace on Earth, Even During the Christmas Rush

“Bonnie Fite is a true encouragement as she speaks from her heart on the importance of cultivating character in our children. It is a worthwhile talk every parent should hear!” – Christy Carnefix, Director, Los Altos MOPS

“Bonnie Fite presents a balanced, common sense, Biblically based approach to discipline. A wealth of information for those seeking to hone their discipline skills.” – Rohn Ritzema, Regional Director, ACSI
“She’s a dynamic speaker! I hated it to be over!”
“Lots of encouragement, glad I came!”

Presentations for Parents

Preventing Discipline Problems from Erupting                                     

Can you spot potential hazards that lead to chaos, before they explode? This seminar will equip parents to “head off trouble at the pass.” Basic techniques of good home management will be shared. Parents will receive a pound of practical prevention.

Solving Discipline Problems

Sooner or later your child boldly steps over the line and demands you to respond. Will you retreat or bravely enforce the rules? How you deal with it determines the severity and length of the conflict. This seminar gives you the tools to confidently lead. Then the conflict will be resolved with an improved relationship between parent and child.

Creating Daily Order

Does the task of raising your child have you overwhelmed? Is each day a struggle for survival? Every home needs predictable patterns so both children and parents can thrive. The more predictable your life, the more secure your child will feel. We will look at basic trouble spots during the day and present ways to diffuse the chaos and conflict. The goal is not a harsh rigid routine, but a structured environment where fun and security thrive.

Cultivating Godly Character in Your Children  I & II                         

Are you eager to “pass the torch” of Christian character to the next generation? Using the analogy of a garden where young plants thrive, we will look at creating a nurturing environment in our homes that fosters growth in our children. This exciting series will present a practical system for instilling 9 specific character traits (love for God, kindness, integrity, responsibility, discernment, confidence, contentment, patience, and perseverance) into your children.

Minimizing Sibling Rivalry                                                                              

Are you tired of all the squabbling and fighting that breaks out between your children? Sibling rivalry has been with us since the first family. After examining several siblings from Scripture, we will examine patterns of conflict. The presentation concludes with seven practical strategies for minimizing rivalry in your family.

Maximizing the Trainable Years                                                                      

Child development experts disagree on many points, but they all agree about the crucial impact of the formative years. We will examine the first eight years of a child’s development. Parents will be inspired to nurture young children intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. Come and learn how to maximize the permanent impact you make on your children.

Schooling Options

Decisions, decisions, today parents have 3 distinct options for their children’s education. Homeschooling, Christian schools, and public schools will all be explored. Each has unique features. Come and compare the options for your child. Academic, social, and spiritual development will be addressed, as well as the environment and impact of teachers, peers, and curriculum.

Developing Intimacy with God                                                                            

Is prayer your first choice or last resort? Are you eager to develop a vibrant relationship with God? Regular time consistently devoted to Him gives us courage, guidance, and purpose in life. After we examine passages in Scripture, we will discover principles of prayer. In conclusion, practical steps to develop an organized prayer life will be shared.

Each Presentation is 45-60 minutes long
What Parents Are Saying

About Session I: Preventing Discipline Problems From Erupting
“Excellent; useful; look forward to reading the book”

“Loved the ideas and biblical guidance.”
About Session II: Solving Discipline Problems
 “Very good.”
“Great session!”
“Really liked session II”

Seminars for Women

Desperate Wives Finding Significance Series 

Most of them lived in tents. One lived on a boat. One was not desperate as long as she lived in The Garden. But they all dealt with problems: husbands, children or assorted family issues. Some were caused by the sin of others, their own sin, or circumstances allowed by God. We can learn from their pain and grow by making wise, triumphant choices.
Are you struggling to find significance in your role as a wife and mother? Ever since the first woman walked our planet, we have struggled with similar problems. Come and meet your sisters of long ago. We share so much with them and can learn from their lives.
Prepare to meet a soul-mate or two as we look deeply at these kindred spirits.
Eve: Mother of Mankind
Mrs. Noah: The Ultimate First Mate
Sarah: Mother of Promise
Rebekah: Scheming for Blessings
Rachel & Leah: Severe Sister Rivalry
Tamar: Searching for Security
Miriam: Little Brother’s Keeper
Rahab: Taking Risks for Protection
Deborah: Boldly Leading for God
Ruth: Loyal Daughter-in Law
Hannah: Faithfully Keeping Promises
Abigail: No One’s Fool
Bathsheba: Tangled in Trouble
Mrs. Virtue & Valor: Industrious & Insightful 
Listeners are saying:
“These lessons teach truths that are still relevant to women and men today. I always learn from these lessons about courage, patience, faithfulness, obedience, devotion, perseverance, forward vision, integrity and thankfulness.”
Gave me “instructions in all areas of life and in relationships.
These presentations “are so needed. Women really are desperate wives and singles.
“We all face trials (big or small) disappointments, loss, betrayal and heartache at some time in our lives. There is great value in learning how these women dealt with their trials.”
Come learn more about each woman’s joys and sorrows, challenges and victories. Relevant practical applications are included in each presentation. 
Select the woman you want to hear about.
Each Presentation is 45-60 minutes long.
General topics for Women

Developing Intimacy with God

Is prayer your first choice or last resort? Are you eager to develop a vibrant relationship with God? Regular time consistently devoted to Him gives us courage, guidance, and purpose in life. After we examine passages in Scripture, we will discover principles of prayer. In conclusion, practical steps to develop an organized prayer life will be shared.

Peace on Earth, Even During the Christmas Rush

Do you feel crushed under the weight of all the holiday activities? Do you start the holiday blur with a large stuffed turkey and end with confetti and party horns? We will explore specific strategies to de-stress this wonderful time of year. Then we will focus on God’s incredible gift to us—Jesus our Prince of Peace.

A Tale of Three Friends

How do you respond when a friend is in trouble? We will look at three friends from Scripture who all responded differently to a friend in crisis. We will be inspired to respond with timely, practical sensitivity to those in trouble near us.