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Profound Promises is the speaking and writing ministry of Bonnie Johnson Fite. She desires to help children by equipping and training parents and teachers. Through her writing and speaking, Bonnie encourages others to apply the profound principles of Scripture and to claim God's promises in daily life.

About Bonnie Johnson Fite

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Bonnie earned degrees in English and Elementary Education, from Judson Baptist College and M.Ed. from University of Santa Clara. She has written books on parenting, Christmas, and Bible Studies.

Bonnie is an active public speaker. She has spoken to thousands of parents and teachers from coast to coast. Her speaking ministry began when she developed Effective Discipline, a practical system of discipline based on her years of teaching children from a wide variety of racial and economic backgrounds.

Over the years, Bonnie continues to write and speak on a wide range of topics. All provide practical steps of applying biblical principles to life's challenges.

Bonnie has been featured on nationally syndicated shows like Janet Parshall's "America", Focus on the Family's "Renewing the Heart", USA Family Radio's "Point of View", and American Family Radio's "Today's Issues."

Bonnie Johnson Fite is happily married to John. They are the parents of four adult children.