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Desperate Wives:

Finding Significance

Are you struggling to find significance in your role as a wife and mother? Ever since the first woman walked on our turf, women have struggled with the same problems that bother us today. Come and meet your sisters of long ago. We share so much with them and can learn so much from their lives.

Prepare to meet a soul-mate or two as we look deeply at these kindred spirits.

What readers are saying about Desperate Wives

"This study is so needed. Women really are desperate housewives."

"This study helped me with my attitudes, reactions and trusting God. I am more mindful of others' problems."

We all face trials (big or small) disappointments, unexpected changes in plans, loss, betrayal or heartache at some time in our lives. There is great value in studying how these women dealt with their trials.These lessons teach truths that are still relevant to women and men today. I always benefit from these lessons about courage, patience, faithfulness, obedience, devotion, perseverance, forward vision, integrity and thankfulness." -Kathy Fletcher

14 Old Testament women from Genesis to Proverbs 31 are included.