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People of the Passion

Do you ever wish you could have walked and talked with Jesus while He lived here? Come with us and walk with Jesus during His final week on earth. We will see Him through the eyes of His friends, enemies and the indifferent during the most crucial week in the history of our world.

"I really enjoyed your class! Before your Bible study, I really just saw the people in the Bible as one-dimensional characters. You really opened my eyes to seeing then as real people with flaws and feelings. I will walk away from your class with the knowledge that even the people God chose as leaders made mistakes, and had to seek forgiveness. I love how you had us dig deeper into their emotional and personal backgrounds. Thank you for all your guidance on my spiritual journey and giving me new insights into the Bible." -Julia

"I learned more from this course than I did after a lifetime of Easter sermons." -Debbie

12 weeks of study questions focused on 12 character groups arranged chronologically during Passion Week.