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Love and Boundaries: A Delicate Balance

Love and Boundaries: A Delicate Balance (formerly titled Effective Discipline) gives parents and teachers a practical system for establishing control in a warm, yet firm environment. It helps adults "in the trenches" implement timeless biblical principles into a cohesive disciplinary system. It blends Scripture, theory, and detailed practical examples for the home and classroom.

Love and Boundaries is the careful blending of love and correction to instill self-control within a child. It is a two-step process. The first step uses external discipline to establish boundaries and control. In the second step, the child internalizes this discipline to produce self control. Once there is self control and order, a child is free to blossom and grow to his full potential. Discipline is not a means unto itself; it is the gateway to true freedom and maturity.

"The concepts represented are logical and time-worn. This is a very readable overview of biblical discipline that's doable in today's world." - Richard Nilsen, Christian Bookseller's Assoc.

"Bonnie Fite is a godly lady who thinks and writes Biblically. Her excellent work on, Love and Boundaries: A Delicate Balance, reflects her commitment to principles of discipline and training based on God's Word. In baseball terms, "she covers all the bases," and has offered to her readers a full range of discipline situations and remedies that are practical for teachers and parents." - Paul A. Kienel, Founder and President Emeritus, Association of Christian Schools International

"It's a great book filled with wisdom and tenderness. Bonnie has so much practical wisdom and excellent advice." - Janet Parshall

Topics include:

  • Prevent Discipline Problems

  • Establish Reasonable Rules

  • Maximize the Trainable Years

  • Encourage Good Behavior

  • Determine Levels of Offense

  • Settle Disputes

  • Minimize Sibling Rivalry

  • Help the ADHD/ADD Child Succeed

  • Cultivate Godly Character