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Profound Promises is the speaking and writing ministry of Bonnie Johnson Fite. Bonnie’s passion is to help women and children succeed. Through her speaking and writing, she encourages readers and listeners to apply the profound principles of Scripture, empowering them to claim God’s promises in daily life.

Bonnie Fite Author & Speaker
Foggy Fall

Happy 400th Anniversary of our
First Thanksgiving!

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  • Book Cover for Humble Origins

    Humble Origins and the Hand of Providence


    Our first two permanent English colonies: Jamestown and Plymouth had many similarities. This book focuses on events leading up to their arrival and the first three years, as the Pilgrims settled in. Even though they landed 400 years ago, Humble Origins reveals their incredible legacy which still encourages and inspires us today.

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    Hearts Full of Thanksgiving


    This children’s book introduces twelve characters who helped the Plymouth colony succeed. They started our new nation and our Thanksgiving holiday. Beginning with Jamestown founders and moving to the hard-working Pilgrims, readers of all ages will see the distinct contribution of each person. Since the Pilgrims repeatedly gave credit to the Hand of Providence protecting and providing for them, the Hand of Providence is hidden in every page. Searching for the hidden pictures adds to the fun. Interactive discussion questions help readers apply deeper truths from these great role models.

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