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  • Easter Book Easter is Coming

    Easter is Coming!


    Delightful devotional of Easter week with discussion questions on each page. Explore Easter week through the eyes of 12 different groups who interacted with Jesus. Charming illustrations with a hidden picture of Jesus on each page before His resurrection. This book is for children of all ages.


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  • Easter Book Walking with Jesus to Calvary

    Walking with Jesus to Calvary


    Walking with Jesus to Calvary: Would you like to draw closer to Jesus as you prepare your heart for Easter? Passion week is the most crucial week in history. See passion week through the eyes of those who met Jesus in His final days. 20 Easter devotionals for adults.

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  • Christmas Bestsellers Christmas Music The Twelve New Days of Christmas

    The Twelve New Days of Christmas Gift Set with CD


    A delightful twist on the popular song about the classic Christmas story. This advent devotional explores the story through the eyes of twelve different character groups. Captivating illustrations, hidden pictures, and interactive questions add to the fun.

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  • Christmas Rush Christmas Hush Christmas Book

    Christmas Rush: Christmas Hush


    Christmas Rush: Christmas Hush: Do you need a little peace during this busy season? Come see the Christmas story with new eyes, as we focus on Jesus our Prince of Peace. 18 Advent devotionals for adults

    Come away from the maddening rush of this busy season and wrap your self in the warm hush. We will draw close to the faces that surrounded the blessed story of Jesus humble birth. Watch with fresh wonder each day as the story unfolds.
    “I loved it! I read it every morning with my wife. We both loved it!!” Ted Baehr, Movieguide

    “The devotionals are filled with fresh and stimulating insights. The applications are relevant, inspiring, and encouraging of a closer walk with our Savior.”
    Verne Lundstedt

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  • Christmas Music Book Drama Script The 12 New Days of Christmas Musical

    Drama Script The 12 New Days of Christmas Musical


    Drama Script The 12 New Days of Christmas Musical: Full script with all drama parts. Especially valuable for both major drama characters: Justin and Katie.

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  • Christmas Bestsellers Norwegian Christmas JULESTREV JULEFRED



    Christmas Rush in Norwegian. Some want the bilingual set. Others enjoy finding peace reading the Norwegian version.

    Bonnie Johnson Fite, M. Ed, har skrevet “Effektiv disiplin” og “The Twelve New Days of Christmas.” Den norske oversettelsen av sangen er tilgjengelig på CD “De Tolv Nye Juldagene.”

    Hun og mannen hennes bor i Virginia. De er foreldre til fire ungdommer.

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  • Love & Boundaries Effective Discipline: A Delicate Balance

    Love & Boundaries


    (Formerly titled Effective Discipline: A Delicate Balance)

    A valuable guide to help parents and teachers establish a more peaceful, balanced, and loving environment. This book will save parents and teachers precious time, effort, and heartache. Topics include preventing discipline problems, maximizing the trainable years, helping the ADHD child succeed, and minimizing sibling rivalry.

    “It’s a great book filled with wisdom and tenderness. Bonnie has so much practical wisdom and excellent advice.” Janet Parshall

    “Bonnie Fite is a godly lady who thinks and writes Biblically. Her excellent work on Effective Discipline reflects her commitment to principles of discipline and training based on God’s Word. In baseball terms, ’she covers all the bases,” and has offered her readers a full range of discipline situations and remedies that are practical for teachers and parents.”
    Paul A Kienel, Founder and President Emeritus Association of Christian Schools Int’l

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  • Easter Book People Of Passion

    People of the Passion:
    Walking with Jesus during Passion Week


    People of the Passion analyzes Easter week. Come encounter Jesus in a deeper way. If you want to study, you can dig below the surface. Much treasure is waiting to be discovered! This twelve-week study is great for groups or individuals eager to learn more about His important final week. Twelve Week study.

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