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  • Easter Book Easter is Coming

    Easter is Coming!


    Delightful devotional of Easter week with discussion questions on each page. Explore Easter week through the eyes of 12 different groups who interacted with Jesus. Charming illustrations picture Jesus on each page before His resurrection.
    This book is for children and people of all ages.

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  • Easter Book People Of Passion

    People of the Passion:
    Walking with Jesus during Passion Week


    “I learned more from this course than I did after a lifetime of Easter sermons.” Debbie

    “I really enjoyed this class. Before this study, I really just saw the people in the Bible as one-dimensional characters. You really opened my eyes to seeing them as real people with flaws and feelings. I love how you had us dig deeper into their emotional and personal backgrounds. Thank you for all your guidance on my spiritual journey and giving me new insights into the Bible.” Julia

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  • Easter Book Walking with Jesus to Calvary

    Walking with Jesus to Calvary


    Walking with Jesus to Calvary: Would you like to draw closer to Jesus as you prepare your heart for Easter? Passion week is the most crucial week in history. See passion week through the eyes of those who met Jesus in His final days. 20 Easter devotionals for adults.

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